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The Ashlake Methodology

Our philosophy is to invest in our own people and our customers.  We learn the client’s business and align with their organization’s initiatives. Staying close to these ensures that our success equates to client successes.

Some of the methods we employ for Supply Chain development

Agile approach

A collaborative development process where the requirements evolve as cross-functional teams and the end user organize their needs.


Our methodology for Supply Chain Management is founded on developing a close-knit relationship between an organization’s key planners & schedulers, and our consultants.

Iterative processes

A process that involves frequent interaction between client and consultant to allow for multiple demonstrations while constantly working to unravel inefficiencies in the business process.

We understand supply chain
business needs

We pride ourselves not only on knowledge of the robust and productive outputs an advanced planning and scheduling solution can provide, but more crucially on our ability to interpret the business needs of an organization.  After we’re able to employ some of our methodology, we don’t move forward in the process unless we’re certain that the planners and schedulers we’ve worked with value what an APS solution can bring. Once a client is bought-in, the process comes naturally as they are able to reveal more intricacies of their business to our consultants, who are then more equipped to refine the application through specific configuration / custom screens and functionality. 

“Another key to our success is to have a partner like Logexsoft working with us who really were able to understand our business and configured the whole APS solution for us.”
Supply Chain Director
Mid-State Machining

Typically, minimal training is required, as by the time the application is ready for production, the planners and schedulers have already spent a considerable amount of time in the application validating, reviewing and defining how they really need it to work.

Approaches such as this are sometimes criticized because it is hard to put exact timelines and costs up front. This is where Logexsoft uses professional project managers to set timelines, monitor progress, proactively guide project scope and phasing according to budgets and agreed upon timelines.

The combination of formal project management, together with experienced Supply Chain Consultants who team up with the planners and schedulers always leads to successful deployments which yield early benefits and satisfied customers.